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What’s an LMS and Why Do You Need One?

Learning management systems (LMSs) are software platforms designed to manage the creation and tracking of learning experiences. Whether you’re a teacher looking for a simple system that helps you keep track of lessons, or an administrator who needs something that can handle the day-to-day tasks of keeping your teachers organized, there are plenty of benefits …


5 Effective Ways To Manage Your Learning Management System

Today’s businesses must keep pace with new technologies and trends. To remain modern and successful, companies need a robust, digital business strategy. For most businesses, this means investing in an enterprise-grade software solution to run their operations more efficiently and effectively. Some of the world’s leading firms trust Business Catalyst EMR to run their organization …


What is an LMS for manufacturing?

Today’s manufacturers are facing a new challenge: how to coordinate their different processes and workflows in order to bring together the different resources, processes, and people involved in producing a single product. This is where a manufacturing enterprise system comes in handy. An enterprise system provides manufacturers with an integrated database that will help them …